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Creating an internal tool for Sojo to automate amenity deliveries to thousands of locations_

Sojo is a tech-enabled platform that automates rental property amenities without supply chain headaches, or warehousing issues.

Sojo approached us to design a more effective internal tool. Managing automated amenity deliveries to thousands of vacation rentals for institutional renters required an effective admin system for Sojo’s internal team.

Project background_

What is Sojo, and what did they achieve before working with Semiflat?

  • What is Sojo?

    Sojo is a Series A startup in the hospitality industry helping large vacation rental companies re-stock every property with their amenities-as-a-service subscription. Sojo’s clients manage thousands of properties across hundreds of U.S. cities, including companies like Avantstay, Prime Vacations, and Natural Retreats.

  • Where were they before?

    Before working with us, Sojo had successfully closed two founding rounds - Seed at $5M and Series A at $6.2M. They were able to fulfill their client’s needs using technology to connect to clients’ reservation calendars and guest data to automate the delivery of relevant bathroom, kitchen, pantry, and other amenities. They offer four curated packages of custom products (that can be fully customized to match the client’s brand identity), ranging from toiletries to cleaning products and welcome gifts.

The problem_

Why did Sojo need our help, and why did they reach out?

  • Why did Sojo approach us?

    Sojo had a management system built with Retool, but they needed a custom and more scalable solution to create and manage in-house. The out-of-the-box solution didn’t meet all of their needs. The previous solution wasn’t intuitive and made managing all properties difficult. The main issues Sojo indicated were no option to add package tracking capability (crucial for efficient delivery management), no background refresh for certain data, and a high risk of accidental data changes.

“Semiflat was exactly the partner we needed when embarking on a journey to create our own management system. Not only did they guide us expertly through the design process, but they also approached technical complexity with confidence.”

Thomas Finney
Working with Sojo’s team was unique because we had a direct line of access to the future users of the platform. This has allowed us to keep their real problems front and center and test our solutions frequently to ensure we’re designing exactly the experience they need.

Project outcome_

What did Sojo gain from working with us? Where is the project now?

  • Deliverables

    Over our collaboration, we’ve designed a complete management platform consistent with Sojo’s internal needs. We’ve defined the project's goals, created the user flows, and turned them into high-fidelity mockups and a component library with all states for each component ready for implementation.

  • Where is Sojo now?

    Sojo’s internal development team implemented the new management system we’ve designed and has replaced the older and less efficient solution. After the initial project, Sojo returned to Semiflat looking for further design help with adding features like Workflow builder to their system.

*Original designs were edited for confidentiality purposes
As a result of the project, we’ve delivered a set of high-fidelity wireframes containing all screens and states from the product.  Sojo’s team then implemented the tool with internal resources, leveraging the component library we’ve prepared in Figma.
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