$6.6M seed round

Redesigning Default to help fast-growing revenue teams by accelerating inbound pipeline_

Default is an all-in-one inbound lead qualification, scheduling, and routing platform helping companies consolidate their GTM stack in one integrated platform.

Default wanted us to polish their web app designs and build a robust component library, but that’s not all we’ve delivered. Over four months of continuous collaboration, we dove deep into their existing flows. We incrementally optimized the user experience patterns to ensure users get the most intuitive inbound platform they’ve ever used.

Project background_

What is Default, and what did they achieve before working with Semiflat?

  • What is Default?

    Default is an all-in-one inbound sales automation platform enabling users to qualify incoming leads using fully customizable forms, schedule meetings, and route leads to the most relevant salespeople to help software companies go from $0 to $100M faster.

  • Where were they before?

    Before working with us, Default had raised a seed round and designed a preliminary version of their application with a different agency. They knew that the product would be essential in their growth strategies, and since they weren’t entirely satisfied with the results, they called Semiflat for help.

    The founders of Default conducted extensive customer research and user tests that we leveraged in our design process to make better-informed design decisions.

The problem_

Why did Default need our help, and why did they reach out?

  • Why did Default approach us?

    Default approached us, having previously worked with a renowned agency to bring their vision to life. They were not fully satisfied with the result and needed a partner to proactively lead the design effort, suggesting solutions rather than following directions.

    The founders wanted to fix user experience across the wireframes, find inconsistencies, and create a custom design system to migrate from Chakra UI - the React library they were using previously. They wanted to be ready with a stellar product experience for when they go to market.

“We're super happy with the work the team is producing. Only regret is not working together sooner.
I recommend Semiflat to all my founder friends!”

Nico Ferreyra
B2B companies use too many tools to capture and convert inbound leads, often stitching together forms, enrichment, and scheduling across unintegrated DIY workflows, which poses a significant risk for valuable leads to slip through the cracks.
That’s probably why high-growth revenue teams at companies like OpnePhone, Harmonic, Equals, or Series trust Default to consolidate their inbound stack and accelerate their pipeline.

Project outcome_

What did Default gain from working with us? Where is the project now?

  • Deliverables

    Default received full-service design support and a complete set of high-fidelity mockups for all features, ready for implementation. We’ve supported Default with our UX expertise to propose more intuitive flows for their existing designs. We’ve also built an elaborate, ground-up custom design system with all components used across the pages in the application.

  • Where is Default now?

    At the end of our collaboration, Default got a fully designed and tested product that was implementation-ready. They launched to the public in mid-2023, and from what we’re seeing on Linkedin - they’re crushing it.

After the intensive four-month iterative product design phase, Default got busy implementing our designs, testing them with customers, and getting ready to go public.
The company has recently announced its public launch and a $6.6 million seed round.
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