Supporting Gyaan with
a dedicated senior designer to go to market with new features at lightning speed_

Gyaan helps sales teams win more deals by bringing enhancing productivity, visibility and collaboration across teams.

Gyaan needed a senior designer to support them with world-class product design. Being in a highly competitive space, Gyaan’s founders recognized the need to ship new high-quality features continuously.

Since every week mattered, a lengthy recruitment process wasn't an option. That's why they reached out to ask us for help. We've supported them with a dedicated senior product designer for over ten months.

Project background_

What is Gyaan, and what did they achieve before working with Semiflat?

  • What is Gyaan?

    Gyaan is a tech company building a revenue workspace for high-performance sales teams. Gyaan helps revenue teams increase win rates by unifying communication across departments and offering intelligent insights into customer pain points and potential risks that might sabotage the deal.

  • Where were they before?

    Before working with us, Gyaan collaborated with a different agency, which didn't meet their standards when it came to aesthetics. They found the designs outdated and lacking best user experience practices. They had ongoing design needs but opted for speed of delivery over engaging in a lengthy hiring process.

The problem_

Why did Gyaan need our help, and why did they reach out?

  • Why did Gyaan approach us?

    Gyaan wanted to aggressively grow their product and simultaneously give it a refreshed look. They needed a company offering the full range of design expertise - from conceptual (user experience) to visual (user interface).

    The founders of Gyaan knew that their competitors invested heavily in thoughtful and polished design. They needed to find a partner that would enable them to surpass what the competitors were offering and win more users as a result. Throughout our collaboration, Gyaan used the designs we created in their fundraising materials to showcase the end-user experience.

“I just wanted to take a moment and recognize Jakub for the amazing work he is doing. Everything he touches looks amazing!!”

Sunny Rai
Gyaan’s founders put a lot of emphasis on the design aspect of their software since the beginning. This has allowed us space to explore multiple directions and confront our assumptions with real users.

Project outcome_

What did Gyaan gain from working with us? Where is the project now?

  • Deliverables

    Over our collaboration, we've introduced an entirely new way of organizing projects and designs, redesigned the entire application, and added multiple features to Gyaan's existing product. We've also created an extensive design system. We were consulting the client on all things user experience-related daily. We've injected best practices around running and executing design projects at an organization so Gyaan can get a head start when they decide to hire an in-house team.

During our collaboration, we’ve redesigned the entire look & feel of the application, and improved the user experience patterns throughout. We’ve designed new features from scratch based on customer feedback and built an extensive, custom design system in close collaboration with Gyaan’s development team.
Our designer has also embedded a design process in Gyaan’s Linear workflow.
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