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Designing Pocus -
a product-led sales platform used by teams at Loom, Linear and Webflow_

Pocus is a Product-Led Sales platform that gives go-to-market teams access to product usage data without relying on engineers.

Pocus approached us for help ideating their MVP and translating user feedback into features. We’ve supported them pre-launch and during first customer conversations with iterative design sprints over twelve months.

Project background_

What is Pocus, and what did they achieve before working with Semiflat?

  • What is Pocus?

    Pocus is a product-led tool for sales teams. It allows companies to use the full potential of their product and customer data to identify the highest-value opportunities. It helps salespeople by identifying product champions, setting custom alerts to capture opportunities as they happen, and even letting them create custom, conditional groups of users without writing any code.

  • Where were they before?

    The Co-founder of Pocus contacted Semiflat in the early stages of developing their product. They had already created the back end of the application but needed help with the look and feel and the conceptual design of certain features. What followed was a many-month-long and counting iterative collaboration as the product grew.

The problem_

Why did Pocus need our help, and why did they reach out?

  • Why did Pocus approach us?

    Pocus had developers on board back when they approached us. They needed design help creating the MVP designs in weekly sprints to ensure their dev team constantly had something to work on. The Co-founder of Pocus was looking for a designer to work with closely to produce multiple variations of one feature in a short time.

“We are very happy with the work Nic and his team have done. They’ve been involved in the design of our product from the very beginning and have been supporting our design needs ever since.”

Isaac Pohl-Zaretsky
Co-Founder, CTO
It was amazing to watch our customer go through a rapid growth phase shortly after we completed the design work on the MVP.
Company raised a Series A round and was featured in Forbes. It quickly gained adoption among GTM teams at unicorns like Asana, Miro, Loom and Webflow. Pocus itself is currently on its way to cross a $1B valuation, with industry insiders labeling it a soonicorn.

Project outcome_

What did Pocus gain from working with us? Where is the project now?

  • What was the outcome?

    Pocus is now a functioning and successful product with a beautiful UI. Thanks to our collaboration, they could enjoy all the benefits of an in-house designer: working with someone who knows their product, having direct communication and ad-hoc brainstorming sessions with their team members.

  • Where is Pocus now?

    This arrangement was perfect for Pocus in the early stage - it allowed for constant design support without the commitment of hiring someone in-house. Now, being in the position to hire a designer, Pocus is continuing to develop the vision we’ve set for them and building on top of the foundation we’ve delivered.

We’ve designed the look & feel, and core features of Pocus. Our deliverables included a Figma file containing all app pages handed over to the internal development team and a component library file.
Since we finished our collaboration, Pocus has been growing the product in-house, while solidifying the leadership position in the product-led growth space.
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