$5.4M seed round

Product prototype and ongoing support for Doss - a platform for operations teams_

Doss Adaptive Resource Platform (ARP) combines the system of record of a traditional ERP with artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Doss asked us for help ideating their MVP prototype and ongoing, iterative product support. Our dedicated design team supported the founder of Doss for over twelve months with rapid product design and continuous feature ideation based on customer feedback.

Project background_

What is Doss, and what did they achieve before working with Semiflat?

  • What is Doss?

    Doss is building an Adaptive Resource Platform (ARP), a record system for companies with physical operations. It’s an alternative to traditional ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software, allowing companies to onboard within minutes, without the need to implement, debug, and without substantial set-up costs. Doss integrates with the operations tool stack like Shopify, Flexport, ShipStation, Xero, or Quickbooks.

  • What were they looking for?

    The Founder of Doss was referred to us by another long-time customer. They were looking for an ongoing full-service design partner for a fixed timeframe before they could hire an in-house designer. Before working with us, Doss secured a $5.4M seed round.

The problem_

Why did Doss need our help, and why did they reach out?

  • Why did Doss approach us?

    Doss had acquired funding and wanted to create an MVP prototype for their platform. They wanted to show their vision to the prospective customers they were talking to. They knew that the idea for the product would likely evolve, so they were looking for ongoing support over an extended period, a design partner they could work with closely and that would implement feedback and insights from their customers to create the best product-market fit.

“The Semiflat team did a phenomenal job working with me to build out our landing page and iterate on product concept and design systems over the last couple of months.”

Wiley Jones
Working with Doss allowed us to see our solutions implemented rapidly. We booster their team in the early stage by creating a series of realistic, interactive product prototypes that they could use to generate interest among potential customers.

Project outcome_

What did Doss gain from working with us? Where is the project now?

  • Deliverables

    Doss recently hired an in-house designer to continue building on top of the work we’ve delivered. Working with Semiflat allowed them to generate initial buzz around their product, go to market faster, and create a prototype to gather customer feedback without going through the lengthy and expensive recruitment process. We’ve dedicated a team of designers who are familiar with the product and could generate solutions rapidly.

    Currently in beta, Doss is using a prototype we’ve built for them in Figma as the main product demo on their website. We’re hearing they’ve got their first paying clients already.

During our collaboration, we’ve delivered multiple feature-related Figma files with high-fidelity designs handed over for development by Doss’s internal dev team.
We’ve supported the team in the initial product development phases and during the first customer conversations. Currently, Doss is focusing on growing the user base and building an internal design team.
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